Social media, is an important part of your online communication with your clients. You might have a Facebook page or twitter account, but do you know how to use them and leverage the fans and follows into paying customers? 


Our strategy is not around setting you up with every social media account, but rather looking at your business on the whole and working out which media are best suited to you, your way of working and also your customers. It might be twitter, or linked in, but we do the analysis for you, and in the end you get a social media strategy that we monitor and help you build over time.


Are you too busy to run or setup your Social Media?

No problem, Soupcan offer Social Media Management for Businesses that don't have the time. We keep and eye on your accounts and make sure the content stays fresh and your customers are kept happy.


Did you know that on average each Facebook Fan is worth around $130, do you know how to convert them? Soupcan does, we do it on a daily basis, and with a little help we can show you how you can too! Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world with over 900 million active users. We can help you find the people on Facebook who are interested in what you do and get them following you.  


Twitter is the fastest form of communication in the world, but there can be a lot of white noise. Do you know how to connect with people, create a following and then leverage that with your business? We teach you how to link with potential customers and create market leadership. Because twitter is a mobile form of communication you need to know the best tools for keeping up-to-date and infront of your followers.


With the world of social marketing ever changing. Soupcan takes a step back and looks at your business and client communications as a whole. We then tailor a social media strategy for you. Facebook works for some businesses better then twitter & Linked In. So our tailored approach focuses on the most effective social media platform for you and your business.


Contact us now, to find out how we can increase your companies online and social media presence.


Why Google Plus

• Google combining their total accounts on 1 March, effectivly merging all users have created a critical mass of 490million users.
• Google control search, and now with social influence being a measure for organic ranking, having a Google+ account is critical.